Strategies to find time to write

Find Time to Write

Time. That elusive commodity of the modern world.  Whenever I’m asked what my superpower would be if I were a superhero I always answer that it would be the ability to function while sleeping. I’m so busy (just like everyone else) that I’d like to be sleeping while doing something mundane like chores.

You’d see me in the grocery store loading my cart, looking like every other mom doing her weekly shopping, but I’d really be sound asleep.

Folding laundry?  Catching some zzzzzzs.

Sweeping the floor?  Sweet dreams baby.

Writing is Like Running

Lisa Aspinall FreelanceWriter and Runner


I’m a longtime runner.  I’ve also been a writer for a long time.

For me these pursuits are similar.  Passion, pain and persistence play a part in both my running and writing.  Despite the similarities writing is more difficult.  Compared to writing, running is easy.

Once I understood this about myself, I was able to use my strategies to run to help me stay motivated to write.  For the most part it has helped.

Do you remember running as a kid?  When you’re really young, you just run.  It’s fun. It’s fast. And it annoys your parents when you do it in places like the grocery store.

Break The Rules To Improve Your Writing And Make It Fun

Lisa Pierson Writer-in-ChiefI recently had a blog post published by Small Business BC.  You can check it out on their blog page.

Get the information you need from your client


Paper napkins, two vague adjectives, hand written notes and a link to a product with instructions to copy and paste.  These are some of the ways clients have given me information to write the content for their website or blog.  And not just any content.  They want many pages of spectacular prose that explains perfectly why their service or company is the best.

They will be disappointed.  And this disappoints me too.

I want to give them copy that will delight and capture the essence of their company.

Improve your blog with quality images


I’m a word person. I don’t really get images the same way I get words.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to look at pictures.  If I open a book or a webpage my eye is instantly drawn to any images on that page before I start to read the text.  My eyes do this automatically.

If you’re shown a sea of text with one image most people will look at the image, particularly if that image is of a person.  Eye scan tests have shown that people will spend more time looking at pictures of people, especially if that person is a baby or an attractive woman.  Apparently photos of Channing Tatum were not included in this study.