Hey there.  My name’s Lisa Pierson.

I’m a conversion copywriter and strategist.

Conversion Copywriting & Strategy helps you:

$ Launch your product
$ Sell your services
$ Build your business
$ Connect with people
$ Identify your unique value
$ Understand your customers
$ Make you money

I’m here to get you results.

When you work with me, projects are clearly defined, progress reports are  supplied and deadlines are met.

Because you don’t want a creative writer who’ll work on your project when inspiration strikes, or when her muse happens to visit.

I run a business – just like you.

But I’m never boring.

I can do this while being creative too. Adding that appealing voice, that sparkling personality, that je ne sais quoi, that…, well, you get the idea.

Let’s connect and get to know each other. I’d love to help you show the world what makes your business better than the rest.

I Want Results

What makes me think I can get you results?

I am among only a handful or so of copywriters who have earned the Copy Hackers Conversion Copywriting certification.

Joanna Wiebe, founder of Copy Hackers, and the original conversion copywriter, doesn’t just hand out that certification like candy y’know – it was a gruelling,question-my-purpose-on-earth,
whatever-you-do-don’t-cry-in-front-of-her process.

As a member of her Copywriter Mastermind, I was faced with answering to Joanna, and to a dozen other talented copywriters and marketers from around the globe. I learned the BEST of the best practices, how to balance the science of persuasion with the art of writing, and what it takes to compel people to CLICK THAT BUTTON.

Book your project with me if you want:

  • Messaging that resonates with your perfect client
  • Copy that connects with your readers
  • Best practices and frameworks that convert
  • To make more money

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