Hi, I’m Lisa. Conversion Copywriter at Fine Words.

Conversion copy and strategy at its best starts with heart, caring and understanding – about your readers (aka PEOPLE) and what your product or service can do to make their lives better. Emphasis is always on the people part, people. This will drive the actions you want – whether that’s buying, subscribing or signing-up. So you can grow your business and make more money.

Don’t let Lisa’s quiet nature fool you. While hustlers are shouting from the rooftops, Lisa is actually at her desk writing some of the best copy I’ve ever read. She’s a calm, dependable copywriting talent for businesses that want substance, that want results and that want copy their competitors will envy, their customers will adore and their accountants will high-five each other about. Hire her.
Joanna Wiebe, Cofounder of Copy Hackers and Airstory

Land That Business

You may be asking “but isn’t my super awesome product, or service enough to persuade people to hand over their hard earned cash?”

Nope. It’s not.

People don’t want to buy your product or your service. They want to buy the outcome your product or service provides.

Will the outcome make them the envy of their neighborhood? A rock star at their job? Or the person they’ve always wanted to be, but didn’t know how?

To do this you need sales copy that gets inside the mind of your prospects and moves them emotionally. To make them feel like they can’t possibly live without you.

There’s no weird hocus pocus goin’ on here. No suggestive hypnosis or subliminal trickery.

Just solid research, listening, observing and strategizing. Then skillfully using the finest words that resonate with your customers.

This will help us understand where they are now, where we want them to go, and how we’ll get them there.

Now you’re ready to convert more readers

And I can help you. Help you make that emotional connection with your customers or clients – to touch their hearts and their minds. Funny bones too.

Just like I did for these awesome folks:

I really like the style and humanity that’s permeating your emails.
Andrea Nagar, PhraseExpander

I love Lisa’s strategy and writing. She doesn’t just write about my products, she taps into the emotion that it stirs up in my customers like nostalgia, celebration or comfort. I’ve hired her for many projects – you should too.
Erwin Santos, FilStop

Lisa not only can write very well, she actually does much more. She first took a necessary step back, and helped us identify the things we needed to focus on, from a conceptual and structural standpoint. Then came the words, which she carefully picked to enable us to speak to our customers from the heart, in a way that they would understand, and positively respond to. It worked!! We love Lisa!!
Ed Delage, SimplifiED

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